12/01/2015 to 12/29/2015

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Grace Neutral 2015

Motel X Grace Neutral

We teamed up with tattoo artist and social media phenomenon Grace Neutral to create an edit of directional styles that reflect Grace’s personal style.

Grace is as well known for her distinctive hand-poke tattoo style as her unique body mod look. With anime-esque tattooed eyeballs, a forked tongue and pointed pixie ears, Grace's otherworldly beauty portrays her desire to express herself in her own way and has seen her become an alternative style icon and taste-maker.

This collaborative collection saw Grace create a capsule range of styles featuring an intricate hand-drawn mandala design inspired by her tattoo designs and a muted monochrome colour palette. The range includes cut-out body con dresses, oversized relaxed fit tees and 90’s inspired slip dresses for day-to-night rebellious style.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Grace Neutral and I’m a hand-poke tattoo artist, which means I tattoo without a machine and instead use a tattoo needle attached to a long chop-stick :)

What excited you most about working on the range?

I’ve been wearing Motel clothes for years and have always been a fan of the brand, so to work together on my own range and seeing my designs come to life was really exciting.

How did you decide on this particular print?

When we talked about the range we knew the print was going to be a big part of it so I put my thinking cap on and came up with several designs I thought would work well. Me and the Motel design team then went through these together and picked this mandala print which we repeated as the final design.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

I’ll be wearing all the pieces but I’ve got a soft spot for the kimono. Its such a versatile piece and works dressed up or worn casually over dresses and pants.

What’s next for Grace Neutral?

I’m am just trying to create as much as possible. Designing clothes has been a new challenge for me and a path that I’d love to explore more.


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