12/01/2015 to 12/29/2015

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Jenna Needham

We catch up with Jenna Needham, Wholesale Manager for our latest edition of Meet Motel.

How long have you worked for Motel?

5 years now – I started as manager of the Bristol store and have worked in various positions throughout the company. I’ve been lucky enough to witness the huge growth of Motel over those last few years and my role has grown with it.


There’s so many! Of course the core aspect that makes everything great about working here is loving what I do, the brand I do it for and the people I work with – these things make coming to work every day a breeze! Within wholesale I get to meet new people from all areas of the fashion industry and dealing with buyers worldwide is great as I’m constantly meeting such interesting people and no two days are ever the same! My role also involves a lot of travel as I work with the US side of our business quite closely. I have visited so many amazing cities in America and Europe for tradeshows and meetings with clients and have had some great experiences.

And the worst?

Not having enough hours in the day! It’s hard to know when to stop if you work for a brand you love! But is that a bad thing? I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I’m a massive shoe lover and anyone who knows me and has seen my extensive shoe collection knows it consists of about 80% Jeffrey Campbell! I just love his edgy on-trend styles and how directional the brand is! It’s rare to find me not wearing a pair!!

How would you describe your own style?

Black. In a word, that’s it! I wear a lot of black as it’s the colour I feel most safe in. Because of this I like to layer up garments and go for items with cut out areas or detailing on them to give a point of difference and to try and still vary my look.

What are your three favourite Motel items of the moment?

- Scarlet Shirt – cold shoulder in black denim – It’s so easy to wear with Jeans or the Motel Becka skirt and is going to be great for when I’m at Glastonbury festival this June teamed with some DMs and circle sunglasses

- Penny Dress - Daisy Applique – I’m not really a girly girl but I just love this baby doll 90’s inspired dress! Perfect for the office or at the weekend shopping around Broadway market!

- Seren Dress – Blk – This is great for layering! On my images I’ve teamed it with the bobbie skirt and bandeau top in black, creating a cut out panel on my waist, but you can also team with the shorter Becka skirt or hot pants for a more daring look!


Since the sun has finally decided to make an appearance in London, I’ve been creating some summer playlists to get me in the mood! Sounds from the likes of Friends, Haim, Jessie Ware, Jacques Green, Man like me, Alt-J and Poliça. You can take a listen to some of them here: Summer Sounds


I love the Haim girls and all of their looks – I might be biased here as these girls also love Motel! Also model Fahrani Empel, she just looks amazing in whatever she wears…major girl crush! I’m really into body art as well so this is a natural draw for me to her look!

I really just enjoy people watching to be honest and London is such a great area for getting inspiration straight from the girls walking around on the streets, there’s so many creative people around!

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to work in Fashion?

Just keep at it! Gain as much experience as you can and meet as many people as you can within the industry! If you’re interning at a company go above and beyond the call of duty for that role, fashion is so hands on and employers will always notice when someone is giving their all and they won’t want to let you go! Be creative, bold and think outside the box – fashion is one of the few industries where you can be expressive and you should always use that to your advantage as you want to stand out from the crowd ☺

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