12/01/2015 to 12/29/2015

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Lora English

We catch up with content manager Lora English for our latest edition of ‘Meet Motel’ where you can find out more about our team of Motel bebs!

I run the content management for Motel which includes things just like this! I write copy for the site, run the blog and organise all on site content. I’m also a photographer so I’ll shoot any extra images we need and cover events like LFW or blogger parties. It’s pretty diverse!

The best part about working for Motel is definitely the people, I love our team and everyone is so passionate about the brand and loves Motel – I’ve not worked anywhere else quite like it before!

I spent a few years doing photography for events and clubs, which just kind of led into portrait and fashion related work. I’ve always loved clothes though so I guess it made sense to combine the two.

According to everyone at work I’m a massive goth who only wears black, but I definitely like too many shiny things for that to be true! So more like a goth that fell into a bin of sparkly holographic stuff?

We’ve got loads of exciting things in the pipeline for the 2014, things our designers and creative team have wanted to do for eons. I think this year is gonna be the one!

I’d say to anyone who wants to get involved with fashion, develop a thick skin firstly and secondly be prepared to work really hard as it’s a very competitive industry to be in.

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