12/01/2015 to 12/29/2015

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Niki Takesh

An exclusive interview with Niki Takesh - the style icon, fashion 'it girl' and cyber queen gives us her fashion gossip and tells us her favourite new Motel styles.

Describe your style in 3 words?

Crazy, chill, lazy

You recently visited Tokyo, can you tell us your favourite things about the City? And tell us all about Japanese street fashion, you must have seen some amazing outfits?

Tokyo is unbelievable. I can’t believe people just get to live there everyday. Everywhere you look there’s just something so cute and colorful and everyone is so happy there! I love the food, culture, bright lights, and kawaii-ness all around! It was the only city I felt underdressed in even when I was all dressed up. I totally felt at home!

Where is your fave city/destination and why?

Tokyo of course! I also love NYC but at the end of the day, my hometown LA has my heart. I appreciate its beauty more and more every day. I cant believe I ever complained about living here- the weather is always great and there’s so much to do and see.

Which city have you never visited but would love to?

London! I’ve been there before but I was too young to remember and appreciate it. It’s so beautiful and elegant - everything is just so classy. I’d love to venture around the countryside as well.

Where are your fave LA hangouts?

I’ve always loved shopping/hanging on Melrose Ave - so many new stores have been popping up there! I also love little Tokyo (of course) for the amazing food and boba!

As a DJ and chick in the know when it comes to new music, who are you tipping as ‘ones to watch for 2013’?

I rarely play any music past the year 2005 when I DJ, unless I’m playing a more mainstream event and I have to. As for the ones to watch in 2013: Brooke Candy, Haim, Fidlar, Anamanaguchi and Jjamz. They are all very amazingly talented friends of mine who deserve success more than ever!

Will you be dancing in the sunshine at any festivals this summer? Which ones?

I haven’t missed a Coachella since 2006! It’s a tradition I love. I just saw the line up for pitchfork fest in Chicago and I’m DYING to go!

What is your favourite festival memory?

Oh wow, too many Coachella ones - mostly wildly inappropriate. Last year Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre closed out Coachella Sunday night and brought out Eminem and 50 cent. They played all the hits and we ended the night at Dre's house for an after party! Legendary! Jeremy Scott also always hosts an epic Coachella party Saturday night after the fest. Too much fun!

Motel is a brand born in the 90’s and we know you’re a big fan of that decade what are your fave 90’s trends and things?

I love baby doll cut dresses and chokers! Also loved the cropped baby shirts and frosted lips, not to mention the frosted spiked tips on guys' hair! My favorite TV show still is boy meets world.

If you’re in a rush to get ready to go out, what is your go-to outfit?

I love dresses for that reason! I usually throw on a pair of printed leggings paired with a comfy band shirt. I also have tons of sweaters! I usually dress this way even when I’m not in a rush.

What item in your wardrobe could you never throw out?

My leather motorcycle jacket or my goosebumps dress!

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