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Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching Designer, Model, Blogger and  Style Editor of Buzznet.

Designer, Model, Blogger and Style Editor of Buzznet, Audrey Kitching, picks her top 6 essential Motel items.

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Buttercup Sweater

“This sweater is so comfy and warm, perfect for nights in or drinking chai lattes in the city with your friends after a bite to eat.”

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Flowerbomb Dress

“Perfect summer to fall transition dress, great for casual to glammed up .. think day transitioning to night.”

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Strawberry Dress

“To take the beautiful girl look and edge it out I would add knee high boots and a smokey eye with a chunky crystal necklace. Good meets bad”

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Brandy Jacket

“A great outerwear piece for over some of these dresses. Perfect to keep warm until you get to your fashionable destination and you can let yourself really shine!”

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Bubble Playsuit

“How amazing would this be to rock to a ice skating rink with a big faux fur shag coat and a thick cat eyeliner?! I have been watching a lot of Mad Men if you can't tell!”

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Cocktail Dress

“The name says it all, Throw this number on and meet your girlfriends at the bar for some drinks. Girls night out or date night in – its perfect!”

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