12/01/2015 to 12/29/2015

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Billie JD Porter

Billie JD Porter

  • What's your most treasured item in your wardrobe?

    "That changes pretty much every week. Mainly because I lose everything!"

  • Best thing you’ve read this year?

    "At the moment I'm reading an autobiography by an ex Madam I interviewed recently, I pick up quite a lot of weird stuff to read with work. I've also just started the Love and Rockets series."

  • What are your fashion loves? And hates?

    "Comfy stuff and fluff against skin. I don't really hate anything, except people who dress in period clothing all the time."

  • Favourite thing you own?

    "My most prized possession is probably my first edition copy of The Little Prince and an original After Hours movie poster; my favourite film. "

  • What superpower would you have?

    "One hundred percent, flight. "

  • Guilty pleasure?

    "Hanson? Except I'm not guilty, I'm so, so proud. "

  • Top 5 bands/artists?

    "I think I exhausted my ear for 'new' music when I used to write for NME and had to listen to loads of crap. But... new stuff I'm really impressed by: Big Deal, Charli XCX, Real Lies, 18+"

  • Cats or dogs?

    "Whichever's fattest"

  • Miley or Rihanna?


  • Chocolate or Vanilla?


  • Neon or pastel?


  • Dusk or dawn?


  • Ketchup or brown sauce?


  • Gosling or Dicaprio?


  • 90s or 00s?


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